SVSR crane hire a Christmas delight for Chas Clarkson and Woolworths


As a leader in adaptable crane hire, SVSR knows that the right crane – and specialist operators – can make all the difference. At Woolworths’ Bella Vista Head Office in December, leading display company Chas Clarkson spent 15 hours installing an immense Christmas tree. When it came time to dismantle – we completed the job in just three hours.

We’ll definitely be using the crane method for removal – and installation – in future,” advises Cameron Lyons, NSW Installation Manager for Chas Clarkson. “And we plan to use SVSR again. They were a pleasure to deal with.”

SVSR-Crane for christmas

Cranes for Christmas

SVSR provides cranes and crew for diverse projects and locations as distinct as high-rise construction, backyard renovations, national parks… and now Christmas trees.

Cameron explains that the project involved the installation of a 13-metre Christmas tree in Woolworths’ Head Office in Sydney, an immense complex which houses some 10,000 employees. The project had multiple stages.

We first built our own truss structure, and once that was done, we lifted the tree pieces into place ourselves. It involved a sizeable team and a lot of labour. We decided to go with a crane for the removal – and it made a huge difference.”


SVSR-Professional and safe crane

Professional and safe crane solutions

Cameron was impressed with the number of hours saved – and the professionalism of the team. “I was very happy from a safety perspective, and the crane operator, Manny, was great. He was very helpful and went above and beyond to make sure the job was done exactly as required.”

SVSR crane operators and dogmen have years of experience in crane operation across diverse industries and locations – and we pride ourselves on an exceptional safety record.

To ensure the safety of our team and yours, we conduct site inspections and provide a customised Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and pre-start safety checklist to you before we commence work on site. Staff licence and relevant insurance information can also be provided with the SWMS.

SVSR-Mini crane agility

Mini crane agility for interiors

Our highly skilled crane operators utilise a small but agile crane fleet with specialist mini cranes ideal for all terrains. We have a Maeda MC 405 and a Maeda MC 305 Mini Crawler Crane… which have a distinct advantage over larger cranes.

The SVSR mini cranes are small but powerful – and they can access sites that many others can’t. That includes rough terrain natural environments, tight access construction sites… and interiors. So we can provide crane solutions for shopping centres, office complexes and cinemas.

SVSR understands, too, the restrictions of community and public areas – or office complexes like Woolworths. So, we can work to flexible hours to provide minimum disruption to workers, tenants or customers.

SVSR-Superior mini crane solutions

Superior mini crane solutions

SVSR is looking forward to helping Cameron and the Chas Clarkson company with future projects – and by providing agile and efficient mini crane hire, we’ll be able to work in diverse locations as required.

We’re committed to providing safe and professional cranes and crews across Sydney and NSW. So, if you need to move anything from Christmas trees to construction materials, contact us for first class mini crane hire solutions.

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