Wollongong Sea Wall Restoration 2018-2019

MC405 Wollonggong Sea Wall Restoration

Wollongong Sea Wall Restoration

An SVSR mini crane is assisting the team from Marine & Civil Maintenance, working long hours to restore the Wollongong seawall at Flagstaff Hill, which was damaged in the wild storm in June 2016.

By using our Maeda MC405 crane they have been repairing the sandstone wall block by block, including the tricky job of replacing the mortar to heritage standards.

It is a painstaking process, as each block which was dislodged and recoverable is identified and numbered. The crane then replaces these blocks precisely in their original location.

For more details regarding the Wollongong seawall repairs, please read the following newspaper articles published in the Illawarra Mercury:

Seawall By Numbers – How Wollongong’s Convict Built Barrier Will Be Repaired

Wollongong Seawall Repairs One Step Closer

Wollonggong Sea Wall Restoration

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