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SVSR Mini Cranes Residential Properties

Residential properties

SVSR Mini Cranes provide an ideal solution for working in tight and narrow areas, providing a practical solution for all types of residential projects. Our cranes can assist with lifting steel or timber beams, concrete pylons, air-conditioning units or items that require lifting to a higher level.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties

SVSR Mini Cranes are compact and practical, able to work efficiently and safely in areas with confined spaces and with difficult or restricted access. Whether you need panelling or beams lifted to higher levels, our mini cranes are powerful and stable, able to finish your project easily on deadline.

Construction Sites

Construction sites

SVSR Mini Cranes offer the perfect solution for a range of construction projects, including installation of lighting, air conditioning units and water tanks, and lifting glass panels, steel beams and concrete panels. We can work in restricted access areas, including suspended slabs and on multi-level sites.

Community Areas

Community areas

We know that not all jobs can be performed during business hours due to customer traffic or community access… and we work with each of our clients to meet their project needs, ensuring that every job is completed professionally and safely to avoid minimal disruption to customers and the community.

Backyard Renovations

Backyard renovations

SVSR Mini Cranes are ideal for backyard construction requirements and landscaping jobs. The cranes are stable on uneven ground and can easily manoeuvre into tight areas that other cranes can’t reach. Whether a residential garden or larger project setting, it’s all in a day's work for our mini cranes.

Case Study - Specialised or Custom Design Items

Precious items

We know that sometimes you have a precious item or custom designed item that needs to be lifted into place with extra care. Our team will take the time and care to assess the location through a pre-hire site inspection to determine the best solution to safely and efficiently put your item in place.

Lifting Glass Panels

Lifting glass panels

Our cranes can assist with lifting glass panels to elevated multi-level construction sites, residential and commercial properties. We are accustomed to working with glass panels and precious items, taking care when working on all jobs, making us the perfect crane hire choice for glass panel lifting.

Rural or Natural Environments

Natural environments

Our cranes are ideal for tight and restricted access in natural environments. We have worked on numerous projects in National Parks, urban bushland, areas adjacent to natural waterways, areas with threatened flora/fauna and heritage sites that require extra respect of the surrounds.

Electricity Stations

Electricity stations

Due to the size and manoeuvrability of our mini cranes, they are perfect for sites that have limited, restricted and narrow access, such as electricity sub-stations. We have worked with Endeavour Energy on these projects previously and have the capability required for working in this environment.

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