SVSR Saving the Day with the Right Crane for the Job

Right Crane fot the Job

SVSR has a small but powerful fleet of mini cranes – and the expert team to match.

We are fast, adaptable and reliable. And that’s just what a client needed recently when they encountered an issue on a job first thing one morning.

“The start of the day was horrible,” says James, an employee of Cambridge Architectural Metalwork at Bondi, who recently left us a five-star review. But thanks to a quick response and quality service from SVSR Mini Crane Hire, things turned out well.

“They were absolutely fantastic. They got the job done, and in the end, we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

Cambridge Architectural Metalwork

Cambridge Architectural Metalwork

Cambridge Architectural Metalwork is a Sydney company that specialises in custom made metalwork for structural and architectural projects. They provide railings, stairs, antique restoration and reproduction plus modern steelwork.

The company services clients from Sydney to New York. They pride themselves on quality, innovation and attention to detail – and professionalism is paramount.

So, when things went wrong on a recent job, it was important that they found a quality solution, quick-smart.

The Bondi job

The Bondi job

The recent job involved lifting a 6m beam onto the second story of an apartment block. It would generally be a relatively simple task but in this case the site posed problems. “It was an uneven site with a steep driveway,” advises James. “It was too steep for our driver, who broke an aerial coming up.”

SVSR wasn’t the first crane company that James called – but we were the first one that could help. While the other company didn’t have the right equipment, SVSR was ready to go with the perfect crane for the job.

Millie, one of SVSR’s highly experienced crane operators, attended. “We got the call one morning and we were there within the hour with our MC305.” He agrees the site added to the difficulty. “It was a bit trickier than usual. They had the wrong machinery for that particular job, but luckily we had the right machinery.”

A job well done

A job well done

SVSR provides small and versatile cranes for jobs from Sydney to the Central Coast and from Wollongong to the Blue Mountains. And because we specialise in mini cranes, we can get to plenty of sites other cranes can’t – just like we did for Cambridge Architectural Metalwork.

James was so impressed with SVSR’s work that day that he left us a five-star review via our website feedback.

“The guys were very prompt. They came straight away, and they did just what we needed. They were fantastic. We’ll definitely use them again.”

Crane hire solutions that work

Crane hire solutions that work

SVSR offers Maeda MC405 and Maeda MC305 cranes. They’re available for wet or dry hire. And every crane comes with a team that has years of experience in the construction industry.

So, we can help where others can’t. Our extensive capability for both residential and commercial projects includes construction high-rise lifting, glass erection, landscaping, demolition, steel and beam erection and demolition – and both exteriors and interiors.  We also have a fantastic team of dogmen ready to be at your site… fast.

If you need quality crane hire for a tricky location, contact us for the perfect solution.

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