The SVSR advantage ensures safe and specialised services for Ausgrid

SVSR - Specialised Services for Ausgrid

SVSR has a small, speciality fleet of mini-cranes – but we offer much more than crane hire. With our agile and powerful mini cranes, we can access spaces and terrains that others can’t. And we have a speciality team of expert crane operators and dogmen who are fully qualified and certified for any job.

It’s the SVSR advantage. With the right equipment and long standing crane expertise, we can work in practically any location… and within strict safety and compliance guidelines across multiple sectors. And that’s just what we’ve done for electrical distributor Ausgrid.

SVSR - Speciality services

Speciality services for Ausgrid

Since 2017, SVSR has provided specialist mini cranes and crane operators for the replacement of Ausgrid power poles damaged by termites or wood rot. We’ve worked at several locations across Sydney, including Castlecrag, North Harbour, North Epping, North Narrabeen, Neutral Bay, Northbridge, Belmore, Lane Cove, Mona Vale and Cremorne.

Millie Dobrosavljevic, one of SVSR’s highly experienced crane operators, has worked on multiple Ausgrid projects.

He explains that the work involves two teams: the SVSR team looks after pole removal and replacement, and an electrical team handles wiring.

Sometimes it involves the simple removal of an old pole, but in most cases, we are removing and replacing poles,” he says. “The usual procedure is to install the new power pole first. The other team then transfers the wires over, and once wiring is complete, we remove the original pole.”

SVSR - Strictly certified and safe solutions

Strictly certified and safe solutions

Ausgrid has stringent guidelines in place to guarantee that all work meets WorkCover standards – and it expects all contractors and subcontractors to follow these procedures for safe, effective and efficient work processes.

Areas covered include the use of cranes near electricity, the removal of poles, erecting poles or columns in proximity to mains… and handling, storing or transporting poles. One example is slinging poles, which involves lashing two poles together to ‘make safe’ a condemned pole prior to removal.

Slinging is considered high risk work that can only be performed by experienced and qualified dogmen – with all precautions and controls to be identified in pre-work risk assessment processes. SVSR crane operators and dogmen are experienced and compliant with all safety requirements for Ausgrid… as we are for our diverse clients in various sectors.

SVSR - Agile and effective solutions

Agile and effective solutions

While our expertise ensures we have the crew to handle any job, SVSR mini cranes have another benefit. They’re small, agile and able to access difficult spaces.

So, our cranes are equally at home in major construction sites, backyards, interiors and national parks.

We can work for instance on suspended slabs and concrete platforms in building sites, manoeuvre through tight channels in electrical stations or access uneven, isolated natural terrain… with a full understanding and respect for the protection of local flora and fauna.

Our mini cranes therefore are perfect for the small laneways, pathways and tight-access streets that are frequently the sites of Ausgrid power poles. “We can get into areas that larger cranes can’t,” says Millie. “It means we can get much closer to the pole and working area – and that makes the job much easier.”

SVSR - SVSR Mini Cranes

SVSR Mini Cranes making a difference

SVSR provides superior mini crane solutions, thanks to a combination of agile equipment and solid industry expertise. Our qualified and skilled crane operators work in diverse locations and on residential, local government and commercial projects ranging from sea walls to cinema screens.

So, we understand best procedures to meet all industry safety standards. If you need mini crane hire – with the SVSR advantage – please get in touch.

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